YouTube Video Summary guidelines.

As another extra credit possibility students can locate and submit a YouTube video that has relevant environmental science content.

Your summary should include:
1. The video title and video link

2. An introductory paragraph letting the reader know what the video is about, who produced it, who were the key people (if known) in the video. Highlight any affiliations when possible, i.e. Atmospheric scientist, Dr Richard Lindzen from Massachusetts Institute of Technology was interviewed….; this can help the reader assess the credibility of the material presented.

3. A paragraph or two describing the key points made in the video.

4. Whenever possible show and discuss at least one graph of relevant data or a diagram of key points made in the video. This may mean an additional web search to find either data related to the video content or an image similar to one shown in the video.

5. A statement describing whether the video gave an objective unbiased presentation or a one-sided presentation meant to persuade you to think one way or another.

6. What you like most about the video and why.

7. What you like least about the video and why.

8. Your overall rating of the video (1 worst to 10 best) and why you give it this rating. What did you like best about the video and what did you like least?