Daisy World Model For a complete detailed description of the model see DaisyWorld  from University of Wales, Swansea.  The assignment can be found at  Assignment.  Both of these are pdf files and require AcrobatReader which can be obtained for free from AcrobatReader.                                           

Solar luminosity, L    The box on the left allows you to change the solar luminosity fraction in the Daisy World model and the buttons below allow you to run the model to either find the global equilibrium temperature Te or the area of white and black daisies for each solar luminosity.   The numerical table prints out L (solar luminosity fraction), Te (deg C) , Area of White Daisies (%), Area of black Daisies (%), and total planetary albedo.  Note: when changing L don't hit the return key after changing its value just click on the run button below to run Daisy World for the new L value.

Click to set graph for Te vs Luminosity runs

Click to set graph for Area vs Luminosity runs   

Dead Planet (no daisies) when checked