Class Information

Instructor: Robert M MacKay
Office Phone: (360) 992-2202
Office Hours: 7:15-7:45 Tues. and Thurs. and by arrangement


45%-Reading Exams, 10%-class participation, 45%-Homework

A (92-100%)  A- (90-92%); B+(87-90%)  B(82-87%)   B-(80-82%) ;  C+(77-80%)   C(72-77%)  C-(70-72%) ;  D+(67-70%)   D(60-67%)  ; F (below 60% ) 


Class A:  Introduction to course, Overview of Earth System, and Population Assignment #1.

Earth System        Energy Flows            Reading Exam #1 (Sept. 23)

Matter Cycles       Life                           Reading Exam #2 (Oct. 30 )

Think Globally     Act Locally               Reading Exam #3 (Dec. 4)

Last Class meeting during term Dec. 9.    Attendance during Final time 8-10 AM, Dec. 16 optional.

Online assignments: 

Test dates and due dates may change slightly as the term progresses.

Late assignments will receive a maximum of 75% possible points.

E-mailing completed assignments to is fine.   Your instructor will send you a brief message acknowledging receipt of you assignment.  Keep a record of this receipt for reference in case there is any confusion. 

Academic honesty and integrity is required at all times. Honesty during exams is essential..  Copyright laws, plagiarism rules shall be observed at all times.  Plagiarism is representing another's work as your own, or recycling your work and representing earlier work as new work.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated in this course and is grounds for failing the course.  Students are encouraged to work together, share ideas, and exchange useful information.  However, each student should turn in their own work written in their own voice and style.