Week 10:  Carbon Cycle


Reading:  Chapter 8 Carbon Cycle


** review for final**

Powerpoint: **CarbonCycle **

**GlobalCarbonBudget***                 http://www.globalcarbonproject.org/carbonbudget/




Handout:  ****Activities\CO2andLifeShort.pdf **    CO2 Model Activity   AnswerTemplate

Weathering Jpg     CarbonBudget




***Carbon Cycle NASA  ***


Biosphere from space  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn_ffF_KvIU




Habitable Planet 2.   CO2 in atmosphere   (beginning to 14:20) (video) 

Habitable Planet 3.    Prochlorcoccus (start at 12:50 to end) (video)  ****



EarthObservatory  http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/GlobalMaps/ Vegetation and Chlorophyll



www.atmosedu.com/meteor/ejs/CO2SimulationEnvironment.pdf (this will be used for our CO2 assignment)


http://www.learner.org/courses/envsci/interactives/carbon/  Carbon Cycle Simulator.


http://www.astr.ucl.ac.be/users/matthews/jcm/index.html BERN JAVA Model


Description  Parameters






Extra Credit Ideas

1.  Read and summarize the article  articles\RoyeretalCO2GSAToday'04PhanerozoicClimate.pdf 



2.  Write a 2 to 3 page summary of the recent 2010 earthquake/tsunami/Nuclear disaster in Japan.  Make sure to include some hard science info with this summary.


3.  Work through 1-9 of space weather and take the quiz.  Make sure the results are sent to your instructor by filling in his e-mail address rmackay@clark.edu when you register.  Registration is free and takes 60 seconds.  Hint you can actually take the quiz and look through the learning module at the same time.



4.  Work through this short assignment on Auroras  


5. Work through and submit:  http://www.atmosedu.com/Geol390/Activities/AcidRainOverview.doc