Research Paper and Presentation  

(100 pts 20% of total course grade)

Description:  Students will work alone or with one partner to research a specific topic related to global change science.  Students will report their research results in a written report.  Your report must include numerical data and at least two relevant graphs.

Approved topics are:  The relationship between global climate change and:

Purpose:  This activity is intended to enhance your research and communication skills, and to help the class better understand the present scientific understanding of key questions related to global climate change.

Learning Outcomes: 

You may work with one partner if you wish.  Students working as a team should turn-in one written report.  For team reports, a brief paragraph should be included identifying what work each team member did on the project.

Students must submit a research paper proposal (20 pts) by the 8th week of classes.  your proposal should include a brief description of your topic and your preconceptions about what you expect to find from researching this topic.  Include 1 graph of relevant data in your proposal and at least one reference (see references cited below for format).

Students must write a final report (180 pts) including the features described below.  Clearly label each section in your report so that discussion points are easily identified.  The length of you report should be 6 to 8 pages, double spaced 1 inch margins (left, right, top, and bottom) and you must include at least four references.

References cited:

For Journals or magazine articles references should include:
                  Author, publication date, Title of article, Journal name, volume, number, and page number.
For books the reference should include:
                  Author, Title of book, Chapter, page number(s), publisher with city, publication date
For World Wide Web sites the reference should include:
                  Title, author, affiliation, and complete URL address.